Company: Suzhou He-Chuan Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd. 
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Suzhou He-Chuan Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hechuan Chemical) was established in 2012. It is a service outsourcing platform focusing on resolving the technological needs of many links in product development and production of enterprises. After several stages of development, it has formed the core brands of HeChuan, QiHua, Banyan and WeiChuan, covering many fields, such as materials, chemistry, environmental protection, biomedicine, new energy, etc. Technical innovation, quality control, failure diagnosis, material selection and application, environmental protection, etc. of enterprise products provide comprehensive solutions for formulation analysis, technology development, large-scale instrument testing, raw material composition analysis, foreign body analysis, raw material customization, environmental testing, zero-discharge water treatment process, etc.

HeChuan Chemistry is headquartered in Namie City, Suzhou, and has established branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It has built its own chemical laboratory, large-scale spectroscopic instrument room, foreign body analysis laboratory, surfactant application center and environmental engineering technology center. It has independently developed dozens of inventions and practical patented technologies including ceramic film formation, including Dupont, Desman, Basf, Costco, Honeywell. More than 5,000 enterprises and research institutes including CAS, CNPC, Shengli Oilfield, SAIC, Fudan University and SGS have provided product analysis or testing services.

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