Company: Shanghai Miken Biotech Co., Ltd. 
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Country/Region: P.R. China 
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Profile in English:

Miken Biotech is a technology company specializing in microbial detection and microbia control. The company's headquarters and testing center are located in Hongqiao, Shanghai, and bactericide production bases are established in Liaoning Province and Zhejiang Province. The MYCOMEX® series biocide formulation was introduced in the industrial field. In 2016, it obtained the FDA license of the United States. It has been widely applied in coatings, metal working fluids, textile, polymerization emulsion, adhesives, rubber plastic, paper making, leather and daily chemical industries. Our microbial control program not only guarantees the quality of products, but also devotes to the development of microbial detection technology and active ingredients, reflecting our human and environment and sustainable development.

Products and services: MYCOUNT® Rapid Detection of Microbial Tablets, MYCOMEX® fungicide products, and MYCOUNT ®Microbial Detection Service.

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 1 Raw Materials For Coating, Inks & Adhesives
  •   1.3 Functional Additives & Solvents
  •   1.3.04 Biocides & Preservatives
  • 6 Measurement & Testing of Coatings for QC/R&D
  •   6.4 Wet Paint Characterisation (Viscosity, Rheology, Wetting Behaviour etc.)
  • 7 Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) & other Services
  •   7.04 Hygienic & Easy Clean Surfaces